Why vote for me?

IMG_0848_smallThe Gearhart City Council is tasked with representing the community’s needs as a whole. I will continue to do my best to act as your voice through compromise, reason, and by working with you.

If  re-elected, I will:

  • Endeavor to preserve the residential and small town feel of Gearhart.
  • Strive to assist you and our governing officials in planning for the future of Gearhart in a responsible and well thought out way.
  • Continue to abide by our Comprehensive Plan.  City ordinances have been created to protect our town and it is important that they be understood and followed.

Challenges ahead

As we step into the future there are many considerations which will affect Gearhart, our present livability, and the beautiful environment in which we live.  As we go forward, we will be be making decisions about the placement of a new fire station, the creation of a parks master plan, emphasis on community, safety, and resiliency.

A responsible approach

I will continue to make an honest effort to be thoughtful in my approach when considering new regulations or projects proposed for our city. I will not let personal politics get in the way of getting good work done for the people of Gearhart. In doing so, I will make it a priority to keep our small-town community feel and encourage neighbors to work together for the common good. The city of Gearhart is important to us all. Let’s make a concerted effort to protect what we are all so lucky to have.

Thank you for your support.

Kerry Smith