Why vote for me?

IMG_0848_smallThe Gearhart City Council is tasked with representing the community’s needs as a whole. However, its recent decisions have been reactive and seemingly rooted in personal agenda. I will work to change that and be a voice of reason and compromise.

If I’m elected, I will:

  • Push to remove the smell of chlorine from our drinking water.
  • Work to remedy previous council decisions that create an unnecessary divide among our residents and neighbors.
  • Not be swayed by one interest over another.

Our drinking water

The quality of our drinking water needs to improve. The water coming out of our new $12 million treatment plant needs to smell and taste like water, not chlorine.

Unnecessary ordinances need to go

The current council has passed ordinances that lack cohesion and divide the community. Over-legislation of neighborly disputes is not what Gearhart has ever been about.

A thoughtful approach

I would not let personal politics get in the way of getting good work done for the people of Gearhart. I would be thoughtful in my approach in considering new regulations or projects proposed for our city. In doing so, I will strive to keep our small-town community feel and encourage neighbors to work together for the common good instead of jumping to impose more regulations on our citizens.