A strong voice in city leadership

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I’m running for City Council in Position 1, Precinct 25.

My name is Kerry Smith and I would like to continue to be your voice on the Gearhart City Council.

I have lived in Gearhart for 33 years. It is a special place that my wife, Susan Edy, and I are proud to call home.

I am semi-retired from a background in construction. I have owned a small business, primarily doing home remodels around town for the last 26 years.

I would like to continue to give back to my community.



The last four years as City Councilor have given me the experience to make me the solid choice to represent you again.


-Influential in the implementation of Ordinance 901 which was designed to regulate the use of vacation rental dwellings in Gearhart.  This ordinance is now the model for Clatsop County and other cities in the country.

-Instrumental in the creation of Ordinance 910 which allows a property owner, with a permit, to remove scotch broom and other invasive species in the Beaches and Active Dune (B.A.D.) Overlay Zone.

I take my appointment as your City Councilor seriously. I believe it is important to follow our Comprehensive Plan and our city ordinances. With your support, I look forward to working together and preserving the quality of life we all appreciate in our unique town.